Food connoisseur Wynn Van Dusen ’15 discusses McEwen Dining Hall cupcakes

By Wynn Van Dusen ’15

You know that commercial, in which that creepy sounding dog goes insane for Beggin Strips? Those bacon flavored dog treats? He’s drooling, his pupils are dilated, and he’s going on and on about how excited he is for his food. It’s an annoying commercial, but it’s way easier to watch than those 45 minute Sarah McLaughlin ASPCA ads (I know, I know, it’s a great cause, but there is no one on planet earth who enjoys watching those. No one.) But, I digress.

So, yeah, you know how excited that dog is for his Beggin Strips? I tend to get the same way when I sit down to eat. Food is one of my greatest loves, and it’s an obsession that I have a hard time keeping to myself. Long story short, I started writing this food blog. Every week, I’ll pick one or two things I’ve consumed and enjoyed, and tell you all about it! Sound good? Ok great!

This week, I thought I’d start out by telling y’all about a cupcake I ate (sometimes I slip into a Southern vernacular because I like to pretend/wish I was Paula Deen.) Anyway, back to the cupcake. Before I even got my hot food, I spotted this cupcake from across McEwen, grabbed it, set it at my table, and collected the rest of my food in peace, knowing that the most important part of my meal had been secured. Now, McEwen is incredibly accommodating, and displays a wide variety of frosting/cake combinations: vanilla/chocolate, vanilla/vanilla, chocolate/chocolate, you get the idea. As someone who has a strong preference for chocolate, but was curious to try something vanilla-y, I went for the chocolate cake with vanilla icing. It was a good call. I rushed through my dinner, and then the experience began.

I tend to hate the word “moist,” but there is no other way to describe this cupcake other than to use it. Please, bear with me. This cupcake was just perfectly spongy and moist. Not to mention, the chocolate flavoring was spot-on. I think a good chocolate cupcake (the cake part, of course) should be able to stand on its own, and this one certainly did. It was nice and chocolate-y without being overpowering, and I could have happily devoured it, even without the frosting.

ImageThe vanilla frosting was also tasty. It was fluffy, which was nice, because I think when frosting is too heavy, the entire cupcake experience becomes a little overwhelming. You don’t want the cupcake and the frosting to compete, because they need to work together and complement one another. Also, as an added touch, it was topped with bits of shaved white chocolate, which was super classy.

The whole cupcake was light enough, in fact, that I actually thought I’d be able to shove ¾ into my mouth at once. Unfortunately, this resulted in me choking on the cupcake a little, spitting some of it up and then decorating my face with a frosting mustache. I think it was when I picked up a piece that fell out of my mouth, thanked some higher power that it didn’t hit the floor, and then re-ate it, that every single boy in McEwen fell in love with me.

And by “fell in love with me,” I mean didn’t.

So, yeah! That was my cupcake experience. It was incredibly tasty, and a wonderful way to end to my meal. And, the good news is, these cupcakes are in McEwen all the time, so you can probably swipe your card right now and go satisfy that craving.


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